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Andrew Watson Design is a boutique awards and gifts company specializing in the custom design and creation of unique hand-crafted awards, trophies and plaques.

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die cut

priced between $170 - $220 each
Prices are based on quantity, printed details, timelines and final specifications. Bulk discount available.
*minimum order of 10 required   

Size generally - 305mm H (12”) x 75mm W (3”) x 75mm D (3”)
Weight - Approximately 1.4kg (3 pounds)

- Full colour printing on one or two sides (CMYK, white and clear gloss)
- Logos must be supplied in eps format

lead time
3-4 weeks (from design approval)
Lead times can vary depending on the size of the project, design approval and final artwork approval.

anodizing colours
Matte finish


history of this design...

In 2014 we created this design for the New York international Olive Oil competition. Since that time we have handcrafted thousands of customized versions of this design for our clients. This is a very unique and modern design based on a typographic aesthetic. 

the new york international olive oil competition - custom award

The premier international olive oil event, NYIOOC, draws the most renowned judges and the very top olive oil tasters to scrutinize, one by one, in order to definitively declare the Best Olive Oils in the World.

Like a very good olive oil, we wanted to create a custom award that was simple, striking and a feast for the eyes. Like the NYIOOC’s branding, we took a typographic approach to the design, reinforcing its simplicity using a minimalistic approach.

materials used
Laser cut aluminum  


other details
Custom metallic silk screen prints

quantity made

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