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Andrew Watson Design is a boutique awards and gifts company specializing in the custom design and creation of unique hand-crafted awards, trophies and plaques.

sustainable awards with a modern design

We are currently creating the new awards for Legrand North America (includes Canada and USA). The awards are a three tiered system and the above are the first tier; The Achievement Awards. 

We have handcrafted these Achievement Awards from sustainably sourced, recovered Pine Beetle Wood (Denim Pine, Beetle Kill Wood). The wood comes from the Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada.  

Then we carefully CNC cut the mill finish aluminium panel and fold it to wrap around the Beetle Wood. Logos and winners details are both silk screen printed and laser engraved. 

Stay tuned for the next instalment in the awards development.... 

Andrew Watson Design specialises in custom handcrafted corporate recognition awards trophies and plaques. We work globally providing high quality custom handcrafted corporate recognition awards trophies and plaques to our clients in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. We ship to all major cities and regional destinations.


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