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Andrew Watson Design is a boutique awards and gifts company specializing in the custom design and creation of unique hand-crafted awards, trophies and plaques.

verizon custom awards trophies LEDs glowing
verizon custom corporate recognition

verizon wireless - custom awards

We custom designed and handcrafted the awards for Verizon's annual awards ceremony. The vision and goal of these custom awards were to visually showcase the best companies of 2014.

For this project, we designed and produced 150 awards, using 5 different designs. The most complex designs used red LED's to illuminate the awards in the dark and the LED's were carefully hidden inside the assembly (and we attached a removable battery pack for power).

All awards for the Verizon event were custom designed and handcrafted. Each award design was created based off of the category. we felt that it was important to differentiate the award categories to best showcase each companies individual achievements.

materials used
Aluminum and acrylic.  


other details
LED's in major awards, individually silk screened prints (two colours).

quantity made

Verizon, USA

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