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Andrew Watson Design is a boutique awards and gifts company specializing in the custom design and creation of unique hand-crafted awards, trophies and plaques.


priced between $250 - $270 each
Prices are based on quantity, printed/engraved details, timelines and final specifications. Bulk discount available.   


example as shown 
Top - Anodised aluminium with rear panel in pink, front panel in light black/charcoal and wood in Maple with a clear Danish oil. Laser engraved text and logo on wood and aluminium.


Size - 325mm H (12.5”) x 130mm W (5”) x 40mm D (1.5”) 
Weight - Approximately .5kg (1.1 pound).


- Artwork setup and screen printing in one colour per panel
- Artwork must be supplied in eps format
- Coloured screen printing available* 


lead time 
2-5 weeks
Lead times can vary depending on the size of the project, design approval and final artwork approval.


sustainability features  
- We source our wood products from suppliers that are FSC certified. 
- Our pine beetle wood is recovered from devastated forests. 
- Bamboo is fast growing;  harvestable in 1-3 years as opposed to hardwoods that can take up to 40 years + to mature.
- Aluminium is 100% recyclable 
- Aluminium has a lower melting temperature than other metals (less energy required to create/recycle)
- Anodising uses less product to create a coating than painting or powder coating. Additionally, overspray or post painting clean up (solvents) is not an issue with anodising.  


anodising colours  
- Matte finish 


anodising colours


wood options  
- Bamboo, natural 
- Bamboo, caramel 
- Pine beetle wood (denim pine, recovered)
- Cedar 
- Douglas Fir 
- Maple 
- Red Oak 
- Poplar 
- Others available on request 


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monday - friday 
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