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Andrew Watson Design is a boutique awards and gifts company specializing in the custom design and creation of unique hand-crafted awards, trophies and plaques.

ernest c. manning awards

Materials used – Marine grade aluminium. 

Finishes – Anodising. 

Other details – Screen printed text and logo.  

Quantity made – 12.

Client – Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation | Fondation des Prix Ernest C. Manning  

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client testimonial 

Through the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation I contracted Andrew to update our awards for our 32nd National Awards Gala. After using wooden plaques for over 30 years we needed new awards that better reflected our Foundation’s mission to recognize and celebrate Canada’s top innovative talent.

Within only a few hours of speaking on the phone with Andrew I was sent a wide selection of innovative award sketches to select from, all of which captured our branding even better than I had imagined. The awards were all at an affordable price point, which is very important to the Foundation as we are a nonprofit on a tight budget. Within 5 business days designs were finalized with helpful guidance and suggestions from Andrew. The awards were received a week earlier than anticipated and in perfect condition – a much different experience than in previous years where our providers had made spelling errors, shipped the awards too late for the awards gala, or had allowed the awards to be damaged in shipment with poorly protected packaging.

Our winners were thrilled to receive their awards, which they are now proudly displaying in their work spaces and homes. Needless to say it has been a pleasure working with Andrew and the Foundation looks forward to working with Andrew for many years to come!

Tracey MacCorquodale | Executive Assistant

Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation | Fondation des Prix Ernest C. Manning



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